The Home Feast, Part 1

The countdown to davis begins. I’m nowhere near a packed suitcase, but i’ve been making some headway into my singapore bucket list. Six months is a short time, but here are some things i intend to get my fill of before i attempt a six month fast, in pictures :

#1: Lots of time with my biggest critic & friend

#2: My fill of food.

eight months ago i wrote this and while i still stand by everything i said, somehow i ended up queuing up twice for bubble tea yesterday. i woke up with a firm unwavering craving for koi specifically. Next thing i knew, i was standing in line, listening to people around me debate whether braving the line was worth it, basking in delight at how unbelievably easy my own decision was. that’s forty minutes i’ll never get back, but four shared cups of irreplaceable bubble tea joy i wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Bubble tea victories with clementi pork porridge. after a long renovation hiatus, we were reunited with our favourite clementi food. I take mine with an egg stirred in, and save the dough fritters for last.

Provence bakery, ion orchard

#3: Total psych hangout time with adorable friends from school

This is my friend Zhaoey. she is a fashion riot, and quite likely to be one of the coolest, cutest girls i know.

This is Cheryl, who is a joy to be around and does the best filipino accent ever, out of her love for the country

#4: Silliness with my sisters

There’s always enough time at the end of the day to put on red lipstick and dance around at home, while feasting on my mother’s homemade berry ice cream. Nights are always liberating when all there’s left to do is shake off the burdens of the day, unabashed and unafraid. Also, it’s always a good idea to eat ice cream out of ramekins, for you’ll never be dissatisfied with your serving.



photos by me, my sister lauren, and my NUS friends who had a good time with my camera and lots of cups of coffee

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