fill the world with silly love songs


In an alternate life, I would like to be the type of girl that shuns gifts on valentine’s day, confusing any poor suitor by insisting that flowers are passé and not necessary. For this lifetime though, I really love flowers. Unabashedly. The bushes along the bicycle path are beginning to bloom, and yes, I am that girl that smiles to the flowers, her phone and other inanimate things. 


So thank you sam, for the lovely monday morning surprise! Here’s the thing though: after four, nearly five, years together, he still manages to surprise me because he is completely skilled at bringing out my rational side and making me think that a big blowout on gifts and flowers is totally unnecessary. So I’m completely fine – valentine’s day is just another day, ho hum –  until I wake up on 14th feb, look at facebook and begin to feel slightly miserable. I make breakfast and tea. Then, my roommate yells for me to come downstairs quick and a lady is standing in the doorway, asking me to sign for a medley of flowers in my favourite floral colour. They are a mix of white roses, carnations and gerberas with dark green leaves, and they are perfectly rustic and elegant, all in a round glass vase with a scalloped rim.




Another thing sam is skilled at: making me laugh by embarrassing me in the silliest ways. The card says the flowers are for Julianne ‘Juju’ Tan, a name I have a love-hate relationship with. I laughed out loud when I saw the card, and I think the delivery lady was trying hard not to laugh too. Four years ago, he tricked me into bringing my own costume for my ethnic extravaganza surprise birthday party, by saying someone had to borrow it from me. I had no clue till I arrived at the party and saw my friends all decked out in costumes. I was thinking “what the heck am I going to wear?!” and he just coolly handed me the bag I had packed for him days ago, my blue sari waiting inside.



Surprise #2! I am terrible at mailing mail and replying mails. However, my wonderful old fogey friend Dil is not!! Her cute little card came in the evening and everything about it made me smile and miss her so much. Looking at her handwriting makes me think of literature lessons, and the millions of times she would steal my planner and leave notes and song lyrics on mystery pages for me to find. The forever friends bears on the front of the card made me think of a forever friends ice cream cake I’m sure we ate at her 7th birthday party…dillyweed did I remember this correctly? In about a month I will be on a plane to see her and Cheryl in Boston, and we will hit New York city from there. There is so much to love in that last sentence, I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “fill the world with silly love songs

  1. Spot on! It was my 7th birthday at the height of my Forever Friends love affair. Miss you jubes! Glad I could make your day in a small part, can’t wait to see you and Ryl!!

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