Flare, flare, flare



Today, three of the boys from Hong Kong decided they would jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet with a 60 second free fall, bodies arched and adrenaline pumping. We spent the morning in a little hangar emblazoned with posters of people screaming “ROCK AND ROLL” with their hands, newspaper clippings of senior citizens who dived and lived to tell the tale, and a man who received a heart in a transplant operation and decided to honour his donor by making a jump. The posters, my friends and the other men in the hangar kept telling us one thing: there will never be a better time than now. Leave your fear in the locker room, seek intimacy with death to feel more alive.

An instructor said that they make anything from 7 to 20 jumps daily. How many times can we be reborn?


after the three brave warriors signed away their indemnity, there was a little briefing, complete with cheesy dvd and feel-good footage of people tripping on adrenaline rushes. the three rules of skydiving: arch your body when you jump off, pick your legs up when you land, and NEVER hold on to the tandem instructor’s hands or arms. He will not be able to deploy the parachute and you will die.



Craziness aside, it was a beautiful day, with a tree in bloom right across from the planes.






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