When these trees started to bloom, I rushed out and took a bajillion pictures of their delicate little buds. California doesn’t have much of a winter by any standard, but it’s been nice to see the trees of this town erupt into sprays of white, yellow, purple and pink blooms. It definitely makes the (increasingly warm) ride to school so much more scenic. White flowers are my favourite though, and so this tree by my apartment is the best one of all:


Convinced that this is a magic tree. When I arrived it was completely dead and barren, but over the last week it’s grown up into a real beauty. These photos were taken 10 days apart but it’s been in full bloom for a few days already. Spring has arrived, and it greets me outside the front door daily!

4 thoughts on “SPRING!!

    1. oh wow i don’t know why i didn’t reply to this! sorry! white flowers look perfect with green leaves, that’s mostly why. the school i grew up in (age 7 to 16) was white walls with dark bottle green railings and french windows so i have a special place in my heart for white x dark green :)

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