How I earned my 22nd birthday gift (In Progress)


Final Answer: Tracking Number 8754 5132 7761.. for a beautiful brown leather vintage bag from one of sam’s favourite retro vintage stores in Hong Kong! It is lovely, buttery soft and HAS TASSELS! I wore it out yesterday while on my bike, and it made me feel like a very cool bicycle messenger because it just fits so perfectly that way. THANK YOU!!

The story:

So this morning, I woke up to something new, and very intriguing indeed — a cryptic series of whatsapp messages from my boyfriend, who is an expert at making me laugh and freak out all at once:

“Btw let’s play a game. Everyday starting tonight I’m gonna give you clues that will lead you to a number.
You will get 12 numbers in total, as well as two words. If you can decipher everything, you will get your birthday present.”

THE CIPHER: T_______ ______ #### #### ####

What kind of person makes you work for a present!?! I am sitting in Shields Library right now as I type this, and I’m getting all teary-eyed from holding back the peals of laughter. I’m so up for this challenge. Will update this entry with the clues I get daily from the devious mastermind himself. Click through to see what I’ve got so far..

first two numbers: quilindo’s birth year ( 87 – good thing i know your secret, mike!!)

next two numbers: there’s an indochinese nation we have not visited. the next two numbers represent the year the state gained full independence in the modern sense, as a constitutional monarchy. (Laos – 54)

me: omg whattt!! we haven’t been to a few
s: i refer to indochina in its strict sense
me: oh no if there’s going to be a lot of geog/history i’m doomed
me, later: hahahaha wikipedia’s Indochina entry says “in a strict sense”. win. I win.
s: yea cos i know you’re a noob

SADFACE. Just you wait. I will kick ass at this game. And if I don’t, all you friends out there reading this will help me right?….right?

next two numbers: The minimum % likelihood required to win a case on a balance of probabilities (>50% = 51%?? HELP)

next two numbers: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. (john 8:32 — 32?)

next set: your last four digits comprise the last four numbers in my home fax telephone number, but not necessarily in the same order (7761)

Progress so far: T_A_____ ______ 8754 5132 7761

5 thoughts on “How I earned my 22nd birthday gift (In Progress)

  1. I’m here to HALP.

    with regards to “The minimum % likelihood required to win a case on a balance of probabilities”, if the case is a civil case, the judge need to be convinced that your case is 51% likely to happen for you to be a WINRAR.

    however if the case is a criminal case then you need to prove that it’s 100%, but since its only 2 number GO FOR THE FORMER.


    51% is correct


    If you were to calculate Pi in 3000 significant figures, you get the numbers (in order) 8754 once and 5132 twice.


    1. haha soosie. as I was reading these comments, my friends came up from behind me with birthday cupcakes and the gift in question!

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