goodbye for now!


Getting packed and ready to fly out to Boston to meet two of my favourite people! Here are some pictures from the week..

This past week, I’ve:


#1 Fallen in love with this magical device. I miss the feel of paper, but the convenience of this can’t be beat. As someone who likes to read on plane rides, I’m really feeling the difference in the amount of space I have left in my carry-on backpack.


#2. Made delicate little morse code necklaces with secret words


#3. Got surprised by my wonderful housemates when I woke up this afternoon (yes, afternoon :x) with an early birthday peanut butter cream pie, made in the wee hours of the morning by Amazing Anna — she waited for me to go to bed before making this! Sorry I’m such an insomniac!!


#4. Devoured.


#5. Admired my new dress, a birthday present from Anna. Can’t wait for the sun to come out again so I can wear it!

7 thoughts on “goodbye for now!

  1. Have a safe and super fun trip! Eat some yummy desserts for me! Glad you liked the surprise and the pie! Haha me and you both, or else I would have slept early and woke up early to make it!


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