Nothing new is sweeter than with you


1. The view at lunch today, Burgers & Brew. There are flowers and leaves all over Davis now. Too beautiful to leave behind. My flight is in exactly one week and I’m not sure I know how to feel about going home. Right now I mostly feel alive but tired, young but very old. Being on exchange gives you a lot of things: autonomy, bravery and the space to be the person you want to be, and these have been the greatest gifts of all in these four months. Going home makes me fear losing them though, because it’s all too easy to settle back into familiar patterns. But there hasn’t been a moment where I haven’t wanted my family and boyfriend with me, to share the happiness and make it real.


2. Finally tracked Fjallraven Kankens down at the Ace Hotel in Portland! Pretty convinced I now need them in other colours – a blue that pops, warm yellow, and rust red. To be honest, these don’t feel like much to the touch, but the bag is so lightweight that carrying my camera gear feels like carrying a pack full of spring scarves. Also loving the thin straps, dual top handles, and the main zip that goes all the way round like a shoe bag.


3. Took a little walk while waiting for a froyo date to begin, and had to come by this deliciously old school theatre. The little wooden brown sign in front of it declares it a Davis landmark.


4. So much love! In about two days I have to sell my bike back to the second-hand-shop man, and I think I might cry.


5. These girls + late night kitchen supper rendezvous = the way we work.

6. Song from the title/earworm of the moment: Home, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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