La Bonne Soupe Café, Sacramento


Daytime jaunts to Sacramento from Davis were one of the best things ever, just like this lovely little French cafe in downtown Sacramento on 8th street. Late night supper pangs made me think of the simple, but superb lunch I had here with Anna – warm brie and prosciutto, and french garlic sausage sandwiches, with a creme brulee each. Yes, each. We’re talking pure calorie luxury here, people!

In an attempt to bring back some taste memories, I googled it, but found that La Bonne Soupe Cafe has closed its doors!! The owner and only chef, Daniel Pont, cited health reasons. That day, he kindly let us stay on past closing time, and we are so lucky to have have been able to sample his famous sandwiches! To me, they were the exact definition of what good food should be: gentle flavours that melded together for a real taste symphony, a wholesome bite, perfectly warm and completely humble. I’m also a firm believer that the best food is also eaten with the hands, crumbs and all!


After getting off the 42B, we set off to find the designated lunch destination, but found ourselves stumbling upon it without any effort at all. The whole of downtown Sacramento is old and quite charming, but this hole-in-the-wall is (was? :() a real beauty!


Tastefully decorated interior. Very chic but it also had some real grit and character to it. Chef Pont also spoke with the most adorable french accent!


When we carried them off on our kitschy little red trays, they looked quite regular and unassuming. But oh, that bread! Homemade French loaves toasted to the right warmth, with a wholesome rounded flavour. They were crisp on the outside but moist inside, and wonderfully yielding. The brie in mine was melty and fragrant, perfect against the smooth, salty prosciutto. The creme brulee was also perfect and the epitome of creme — say no to all the custards masquerading as creme brulee just because they’ve got burnt sugar lids!! These were delightfully light and we spooned off the heaps of scented cream with so much joy, pausing only to swoon at how good they were. Thank you for an amazing lunch, Chef Pont. Hope you are in happy retirement!

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