Home from Hong Kong!





from sam

What I thought was going to be two solid weeks of Hong Kong city life evolved into a wild romp around a greater part of the region. We had forays into gambling hotspots, a city of contraband goods, and to top it all off – sweet slow days in our own private slice of heaven on earth. In between, we had days of chasing our fancies down quieter alleys, spinning circles in giant Disneyland teacups, endless fountains of dong nai cha. We rode on rafts with our feet dangling in the cool water, squinting at the sun. We ate at underground 3am dim sum clubs, and slept with the shadows of giant humpback mountains lying just at the edge of the cobblestone courtyard outside our door.

Every day for the last two weeks I’ve asked myself, “how did we get here?” But now that the trip is done and I’m back to missing him, I’m asking “how did we get here?” It’s one thing to go from neon lights and 24 hour cha chan tengs, to beautiful rural chinese villages, but it’s entirely something else to have completed our third summer escapade in a row, when the idea of travelling together seemed like an impossibility three years ago. So grateful for his patience, quiet love, and great strength that all continue to grow and amaze me every time.

Got to catch up on thesis research and clearing up my room this week, but will find time to sift through and write up the rest of the images from the last two weeks soon!

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