Reading Day

today; 8th june

Savouring the way my desk looks today, and the comfortable afternoon pace. Aren’t reading days the best? It started with a tiny lie-in this morning, a pedicure refresher, and a Zam Zam briyani lunch. The playlist for today is a happy-strange mix of Passion Pit, The Darjeeling Limited OST, and Flight of the Conchords, and I’ve got a glorious stockpile of reads to break through — Saveur BBQ edition, Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, and Ceriph. Later on, I’ll get down to printing the entire contents of my Honours Thesis folder (pdf count: 22) and the desk landscape will change considerably. Secretly excited to break out my black pens and yellow highlighters since I haven’t been in a classroom since mid-March!

Saveur is my new favourite thing to read. I picked up the April issue while visiting Cheryl in Oregon because it had tiny features on Galco’s Pop Stop (via this amazing profile piece) and Singapore’s $1 ice cream sandwiches. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the rest of the issue and I promptly signed up for a year’s subscription! The editorial content is amazing, and I love how they explore the beauty, technique, histories and personal stories related to the theme of every issue. Food with heart, soul and intellect! Instead of strewing recipes throughout the magazine, they are all neatly compiled at the end of the issue. Convenient, and the perfect way to let the food do all the talking upfront. A must-read for any foodie.

Pictured: the june/july issue of saveur, the good old kindle, my favourite nail colour for toes (OPI hot and spicy, a perfect match for tanned feet and gold sandals), bracelets piled on a cupcake plate from the UC Davis co-op, my new cat eye glasses we ran all around Shenzhen for.


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