“I can make dinosaurs fall in love with lighthouses”

I like this segment from ‘A Conversation with Ray Bradbury’, found while looking through my little sister’s literature text, Fahrenheit 451. This interview is included in the book, along with other extra goodies for the 50th anniversary edition.

DR: This question may sound strange, but I mean it seriously; after all, you’ve described yourself as a magician! Do you believe there is magic at work in the world?

RB: Depends on what you mean by the world.

DR: Well, what do you mean by it?

RB: Through my love of words and my love of ideas and metaphors, I can convince you of the most unlikely things. That’s what a magician does. He can make an elephant disappear on stage. I can make an entire world disappear or appear in a story. Or I can make dinosaurs fall in love with lighthouses. That’s magic.

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