plain and simple






1. I protest! What about tea drinkers? 2. Excellent lattes + egg sandwich for veg man 3. Salami Ciabatta with a really good sweet chili relish 4. Darling’s Eggs 5. Snow Ice, thing of beauty!

Monday: a nice brunch at The Plain, and lots of walking from Duxton to Ann Siang Hill to Chinatown. In between there was mango snow ice and green tea snow ice with azuki to be had, and we eventually settled down for coffee, citrus tea, and a mediterranean puff at Far East Square. During the afternoon we talk about the thesis I seem to be running away from, and also hear lots of baby stories about W’s new niece. Privately, I think about how much I have missed being at school with these friends, and how it feels nice to be honest with people about fears that don’t seem so scary once shared.

Some conversations have become so polite lately — how was school? what internship are you taking? how much is he making, wow we are so old, aren’t we? It makes me sad. Seeing faces from years ago makes me feel as if time has stopped and we’re the same kids trying to conquer love and run away from P.E. class. Suddenly, grown-up words come out of our mouths and the illusion is shattered, and I feel older than ever. I picture a dystopian future of silently comparing HDB flats, successes, and CARS (god forbid!), a future I will firmly reject. Then again, there are people who ask those same how-are-you questions with so much warmth and honesty, I cannot help but be humbled by the size of their hearts. In a time of material change, these steadfast souls are pure gold.

7 thoughts on “plain and simple

  1. JUBES! Where’s the second, third and fourth pictures from? take me there!! i want good sandwiches and a MOUNTAIN of snow ice with yoooou!

    1. YOU’RE ON! It’s from a new-ish place called The Plain, at Craig Road right behind Pinnacle @ Duxton. It reminds me of simply bread but with less variety :x Food is still pretty good though, and it’s nice to come out from brunch and be in such a nice area to hang out in! The snow ice place is a little walk down, opposite people’s park, right across from koi hee hee

  2. Whoa that does not look like ice!

    Ditto that about being honest and sharing fears. Even if it doesn’t change much, you know you’re not alone.

    1. i know right! it reminds me of those cave limestone formations. i think they take huge ice blocks made from a sweet, slightly creamy mixture and put it into a magic machine that turns it into a near-slush state. so pretty on a plate though! my friends and i also had a mango version. if (when!) you come to singapore, you’re going to have an awesome foodie tour guide :)

      1. i’ve noticed something though: whenever i share fears, i expect to feel vulnerable but it is always strangely uplifting. on the other hand, talking about secret dreams and ambitions feels a lot like throwing myself into the shadow of vulnerability, naked and ready for dissection

    1. haha that wasn’t actually in reference to you. for that one day on multiple occasions i just heard a lot about how much people make on internships (ms quek included haha) and felt so sick of it by the end of the day. i feel so averse to money but have desire for things. i’m going to be very poor and confused.

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