Chicken Pot Pies


We made chicken pot pies for dinner today and I love how they turned out! These are essentially a ridiculously easy version of savoury pies, with the warm filling spooned into a ramekin or bowl before puff pastry is draped over the top and tucked into the rims. For the filling, my mum made a great stew with chicken, diced potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and peas, with knobs of butter and condensed mushroom soup to thicken the gravy. For an extra touch of decadence, every filled ramekin got a halved hard-boiled egg on top before being covered with pastry.

If you’re not fussy about using store-bought puff pastry, this makes great, light comfort food for students on a tight time schedule and budget. The filling can also be anything you like, from ground beef to a hearty bowl of chowder! Extra dough is also always super fun to play with — Alexandra topped one with an extra round of dough, making it a pie-disguised-as-giant-cupcake, and I made a ‘T’ on another for a family initial! Thank goodness we made extra, because I think we’re all about to go for seconds!

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