Things I Like


Indulging in a little fantasy shopping —

1. i adore the look of maps after familiarizing myself with so many this year, and think they make the best travel souvenirs! i’ve slowly been collecting links for items emblazoned with vintage map prints, and these three things are on the top of my wishlist:  a scratch map (totally rad concept), organic cotton map-printed cushions (!!! so much love), travel notebook.

2. had successfully managed to put these out of my head for a while, but fell in love with repetto ballet flats all over again after sam reminded me. i’m not about to plonk down hundreds for a pair of shoes instead of some plane tickets, but i suppose i can dream!

3. the Cambridge Satchel Company bags have been everywhere lately, knockoffs included, but The Brooklyn leather satchel by ONA looks like a functional, alternative way to rock a satchel without jumping on the brand bandwagon. rule of thumb: if it’s “in”, i’m out!

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