Age 16

IMG_4083I was thinking about where my love of vintage stores first began, and remembered Grandfather’s Collections on Bussorah Street. Did some photo-digging and uncovered these images from 2005, taken on my very first trip to a shophouse filled with oddities, costume jewelry, juxeboxes and a vespa! I’m not sure if this shop is still there, but the vespa had been sold by the time I made my second visit just a few months after.


IMG_4093I wish I had more images, but it was a bit of a hit or miss with my digital camera from 2005 and my shaky amateur hands. This might also be the only presentable act-cool photo of sixteen year old me in existence…in an excited blur, hair covering half of face. You have been warned.

ps. Only pretending to play the drums! Don’t even think i’m holding a drumstick in my left hand. Oops!

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