Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way


My wednesday was started with a ton of sweetness, courtesy of my adorable friend Dil and mixed berry pancakes with gula melaka syrup at Food For Thought. This stuff is incredible, I want every day to start with a bite of these pancakes. Dil couldn’t resist the homemade ice lemon tea on the menu, and I couldn’t snap out of sleepy-eyes without an iced latte! Later on, a lady at an optical shop broke my sunglasses, and Dil patiently plucked potential replacement sunglasses off a rack and into a shopping basket for me. We also shopped and bought the same dress (again). In between all that, there was also a lot of laughing and love — I couldn’t ask for a better friend!


We waited till 12pm to have our second shared course, the Crispy Curry Chicken. It was fragrant and well-cooked, but ridiculously huge!


Genius reservation placeholders — TISSUE PAPER PACKETS THAT SAY “CHOPE”!


We also Posed With Friends..and Walter the Bunny (an excerpt from the information plaque “…most children in Japan believe rabbits live on the moon where they make Mochi” — really?)


..and hit up Cat Socrates, where I spied mine & sam’s toes in their current photo exhibition “Stand On Your Own Two Feet”! I responded to a call for photos of feet from Cat Socrates a long time ago, post-HK/China trip number one, when I was still fresh from days of dipping our toes into the river. Had forgotten all about it till I saw our photo (first row, fourth from right) on their wall today amongst some instagrams and very stylish shoes. The new university semester begins in two days, and this was a lovely chance* reminder to hold on to the feeling of being free — school + work can be physically and mentally stressful, but feelings and memories are ours to own forever.

*I suppose it can’t be called chance since I was the one who sent it in and there was a high likelihood of me sharing this cute space with my dear friend, but it’s nice to believe in kismet, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way

  1. I couldn’t ask for a better friend either! Good friends, good food, good music make the world go round :)
    What a great day! Although our Posed with Friends attempt kinda failed, I’m glad we tried ;)

    1. dil! click through on any image to my flickr and see this pic of you mid-smirk at walter’s mochi life in japan. i don’t know if you’ll hate it (and thus didn’t put it in this entry) but i find it SO CUTE!

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