You’re the reason I’m travelling on


#1: We are at Aisha’s grandmother’s house for Eid ul-Fitr. Aisha is always beautiful and this afternoon is no exception. First ten seconds in someone else’s home for the first time is always strange, and I catch myself wondering if I would know what to do with my hands if I hadn’t been holding the tea and cookie gifts we brought along. Before I can answer, we’re swept up in a flurry of warm greetings and smiling eyes. It is not long before we are sitting in a circle, hands diving into jars of cookies. Months ago, we made plans to celebrate this day and here we are — buzzing and talking and helping ourselves to portions of ketupat, lontong and baklava — when it wasn’t so long ago that we were having waffles for brunch, talking about our drive to Portland and then running like crazy down the train platform so I could make it back to California. Being in the US was one of the most incredible experiences, and that weekend in Oregon with these lovely people made it all the better — and how wonderful that I got to bring these friendships back home with me and catch them along the corridors!

granola cup

#2 Developing unhealthy relationships lately, one of which is with food. Sensed the onslaught of stress/emotional eating and figured it might be handy to have a supply of home-made honey granola with almonds and cranberries. I let the baking go for a couple of minutes more than necessary, but the little extra bitterness sits well with me anyway.

#3 Fortunate to be able to try out a couple of different things lately. Had a casual interview with an intelligent, inspiring guy who just knows good food and the stories it can hold, doing wonderful things I hope I’ll get to share more of soon! Also spent a large number of hours on a four minute corporate video/photo montage. After my amateur foray into iMovie earlier this year, I didn’t think it would be difficult, but there were hundreds of transitions and scenes to be tweaked, and replays take a long time! Thankfully, it was well-received, and I got a kick out of drafting a makeshift logo and invoice for julianne tan studio — like playing masak masak for grown ups.

#4 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Still I wish there was something you would do or say / To try and make me change my mind and stay / We never did too much talkin’ anyway / So don’t think twice, it’s all right

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