New Reads & A Secret Location

IMG_6690Frankie for me, Smith Journal for the guy

#1: Picked these up from a corner magazine stall en route to dinner, and I’ve been so excited about them ever since! Polka dots and typewriters! I haven’t allowed myself to do a cursory flip-through yet, because I want to set aside a good hour or two for a cover-to-cover reading, as all good things deserve.

An excerpt from the editor’s letter of Frankie: “We can find ways to be creative. To be a little strange around the edges. To close our eyes and wait for the thought that says, “Yes! I can do it!”…And to have a wee bit of fun while we’re at it, too. Most often, it’s the weirdy bits that are the best.”

Smith Journal is a new “heads-up and hands-on” men’s magazine “full of photography, stories, people, adventures, interesting conversations and gentlemanly style” that I’d read about online and knew would be perfect for Sam. Honestly speaking I dropped the ball on a birthday gift for him this year, and was so happy to see this stocked at the magazine stall so it could be part one of a slew of (guilt-induced) little gifts. I might even be more excited about reading Smith Journal than I am about Frankie, so I’m counting down the days till I get to borrow!


#2: Secret sunset on a rooftop bar just outside of town, the skyline of my city in clear view. Managed to take this photograph just before the lens on the new Ixus 220 began to fog up, and I like that it’s just barely so. The bar is tiny, black and almost industrial, but the light at 6pm washes everything in amber and it reminds me of New York, pulsing with life beyond concrete city blocks.

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