Have a Delicious Day

The breakfast at the Business School cafe could not get worse — thin coffee and a sandwich that fell apart in the bag. In order to save my appetite, I retreated to my photo archives and looked at pictures of deliciousness I’ve been enjoying lately. This should tide me over till a lunch and coffee date at the Arts canteen at 12pm.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf


‘Tow Kwa Pop‘ from Tiong Bahru Market — beancurd puffs stuffed with thinly sliced cucumber and beansprouts, served alongside apple and guava slices, fried dough fritters, coated in luscious prawn paste and chopped peanuts


The BEST Hainanese chicken rice set, Tiong Bahru Market. When I went vegetarian for a short while last year, my father surprised me with a takeaway portion of this Thai-style tofu on day one. I was so touched by his sweet show of support and have loved this even more since :)


Tapoica flour cubes for bobo chacha, a sweet milky dessert with yam, served warm. Mum made this two weekends ago as one of the many desserts that followed our massive popiah feast…



Popiah is well-loved in our household. We can eat this for three, four meals in a row and still sing its praises every time. A rainbow medley of vegetables and good things, wrapped in a delicate flour skin, smeared with sweet sauce and peanuts.

Friends, my morning is cured. Are visual buffets are the new frontier in culinary joy? Have a good monday, wherever you are! Extra hugs to friends overseas I love and miss.

4 thoughts on “Have a Delicious Day

    1. don’t be sad, you have HARVARD WAFFLES! and so many other good things. I would give a lot for a Dave’s sandwich and L.A. Burdick hot chocolate right now. Would give even more to be back in the U.S. with you though. <3 miss you!

  1. Julianne, Ah Chor will be so proud of you and your sisters for loving poh piah. love u for capturing these wonderful food memories so well.

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