All the roads we have to walk are winding

IMG_6737We went back to ACJC a week ago.


IMG_6705Chicken rice and teh ping forever! We hunched over these tables for months for exam prep years ago and sitting here strangely made me want to whip out a highlighter and some foolscap paper.

IMG_6707ACJC has some pretty parts, but is largely slapdash and roughly fused together, which is what I love about it. This is more of a large classroom than a lecture theatre, but it is called LT3 and so it shall be! We also have giant container box classrooms, a very urban grunge style ‘void deck’ eating area against the backdrop of a mosaic tile wall, bright clean bleachers that have held us through many push-ups, P.E. classes, and long heart to hearts.



It felt so curious to step into an world that hasn’t changed since we graduated in 2007. The smell of the foyer is still a heady mix of salt, cement and sun, the canteen aunties and uncles still serve up chicken rice and teh ping with their swift rhythms and smiles, and milo bottles suspend between the rungs of the same blue desks in ramshackle LT3. It is as we left it, a beautiful but bracing reminder that perhaps we are the ones that have changed?

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