The Happy List #2

It was a good weekend after a hectic week in school — two presentations and a psychometrics test I didn’t study hard enough for. These assignments and projects don’t scare me as much as they used to, but I still dislike busy periods because an extra five minutes in bed always comes with a disproportionate amount of guilt, there’s never enough silence to hear my own thoughts, and phone calls always end too soon. As I dive head first into the last weeks of the semester, here’s a list of good things to hold on to until it ends — no monday blues!:

Happiness is…
to share1. A sushi box to tide us over till Midnight in Paris and popcorn, perfect for sharing. I claim the avocado rolls and you go straight for the unagi, but we get one salmon nigiri each. Dessert is two halves of a fleur de sel caramel macaron, alternating bites just like we took turns with the chopsticks.

the colour of rust and chinese new year2. A pretty new blouse to wear, the colour of rust and chinese new year. Purchased at a sweet mid-season sale discount, perfect with dark blue denim and custom jewellery that will be on its way to me soon!

these are the fantastic things to do today3. Putting some pep into to-do lists. “These are the fantastic things to do today!” — cheap trick but I swear it works!

aftermath4. First brunch in a long time with the whole family. Lamb chops, mussels, shotglasses of scallops in citrus juice and pink peppercorns, ten different types of tiffin curry. An (arcade) motorbike race after with my sister, familiar smells of the marble foyer and the bowling alley.

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