Hold Time

Things to do on a rainy day indoors:

yam & pumpkin cake
1. Have warm yam & pumpkin cake for tea. Yam cake is only complete if it looks like a hot mess, adorned with the condiment trinity of fried shallots, chopped spring onions, and sauces. I bought this bowl from Lim’s Arts and Living and adore it. Is it a sign of maturity to want to spend your money on kitchenware instead of frivolous things like makeup? My mother would say a sign of maturity is to not spend beyond your means, but that’s another story I’d rather not get into..

2. Listen to the very lovely A Very She & Him Christmas and pretend it’s december with a gingerbread cookie. They made a vinyl record edition too — what a romantic idea! Amazon has some pretty vinyl record players below $100. Maybe some day?

living room reading
3. The rain makes me want to hide in the folds of a blanket and in between the pages of a book, surfacing only for sips of green tea. I’m reading We Need To Talk About Kevin for a reflective paper for Child Abnormal Psychology class, and it’s well-written but it’s the type of story that makes you look over your shoulder every few minutes. It makes me think about parenthood, whether it will be like riding a bicycle for the first time — non-stop pedaling but waiting for the fall, wondering if a band-aid will be enough to fix it all.

4 thoughts on “Hold Time

  1. omg! you still have that little pen holder pot thing we made for art in sec one!! I still have mine too :)

    Also, I WANT YAM CAKE :(

    Miss you!

    1. i’ll never throw it away!! i remember feeling so grown up in sec one, using the art rooms (pottery, clay, kilns, linocuts…how cool) and the KITCHENS (head scarves and embroidered white aprons!!!), like finally crossing over into forbidden land

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