Be twelve, barefoot and fearless


This week has not been worth writing about. Remind me never to pick classes that are practical but passionless. Once in a while I catch myself not believing in my own story  — what-i-want-to-do-after-i-graduate is a rehearsed script for a play I don’t want tickets for, but the show must go on? Thesis-writing currently involves composing formal emails without sounding frantic or rude, and logistical nightmares, but I am grateful for the momentum at least. Avoid being static and still and eventually you will be creating something. It always starts from nothing.

Saving graces of the week — two lush afternoons in Tiong Bahru wet with rain, flavoured with cafe lattes and gem biscuits. Friends who hold me together, and holding your hand in the backseat. Teaching a new English class on saturdays. Family dinner sushi boxes and Toa Payoh fried oyster heaven!!

ps. if you’re somehow feeling the same kind of crummy as I am, this song sums it up perfectly, but with a summery beat that makes it seem okay. hang in there everybody.

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