Mining for gold

bar drape bracelet

gold necklace

Custom-made gold bar drape bracelet and semircircle necklace that I’ve worn nearly every single day since they arrived. I especially love the bracelet and the way the extra chain gently drapes off the wrist. The designs of these are right up my alley — classic and modern all at once, delicate chains and simple gold elements complemented by subtle geometric strength. When the exams are over I’m going to be looking into recreating more pieces on my own for daily wear and can’t wait to get crafty again!

ps. if you’re interested, these pieces were customised from The Altered Chain, and Cheryl is lovely to work with! Also, look for gold-filled jewellery if you want pieces that will stand up to the Singapore humidity. the chains on these are gold-filled and are wear-resistant, which is important since they are in contact with your skin the most, but the gold-plated sections will need re-plating eventually!

I miss checking in here! Two and a half weeks till the end of the exams (but then we get to do it all over again). Post title from this song that’s easy on the ears :)

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