I’d rather dance with you

Photo on 2011-12-04 at 23.00 #3
Photo on 2011-12-04 at 22.55 #2

Dad set up the christmas tree and we decorated, and got our december on with the sounds of she & him and foam antler hats. We are finally all done with studying at the same time, and it feels like I have my sisters back. There is dancing/singing/sims-playing/complete family dinners happening. Every time I look at these girls, I see so much joy, honesty and the conviction to live righteously. And then I keel over laughing because someone has pulled a face or cracked a joke, and I want to shower them with kisses all over again.


As of today, I finally own a pair of leopard print ballet flats, thanks to the kind sponsorship of my mother. Lauren actually picked these out for me because she knew I’d love them, which is amazing because I’m not usually the crazy shoe type. It’s important that things pass the sister test. Anyway, help — what to wear this with? Are these shoes condemned to a lifetime of pairing with classic chambray/silk shirts and neutrals? I must confess that I’m a bit scared of crossing into scary-aunty territory..

3 thoughts on “I’d rather dance with you

  1. No way! I love leopard/snake printed items! I’m so fashion goddess but I’m pretty sure you can pair them with any colour or print for that matter! jeans, three-quarters, dresses, skirts! it’s like the new black! :)

    1. i adore my snakeskin ballet flats too but leopard prints are so much more boomz! anw thanks i’m looking forward to experimenting with what so many girls already regard as a staple ;)

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