The love you take is equal to the love you make

napping elf

my favourite ornament on our tree this year: a postman-elf, sleeping and satisfied

watercolor dress

a dress i wore today that reminded me of rorschach blots

My mind has been elsewhere. It wants to curl up in a conversation or a pair of strong shoulders, prepare for an adventure, exist outside a list of to-dos. The adventures of early 2011 have taught me to go out there and take it all, expect bigger and better things from life. The one thing I forgot was that newness is an automatic adventure, and expecting bigger&better from the mundane doesn’t get anybody anywhere. The only solution might be to keep moving and keep making — light your own fire, fan the flames, spark a revolution!!

This is my mission for the next week. In a day or so, we will be taking off to the land of hawker food, beaches and my father’s quiet childhood and I’m leaving emails and work behind. I’m not typically a sea-and-sand girl, but I’m looking forward to the sun and soul time I desperately need, and to feel the sea swirl in between my toes. My camera will be with me the whole time, and a notebook for all those word clouds that form in my head when I least expect them…Get ready for some food porn, see you on the other side!

ps. happy 5 years + 2 months to my (only sometimes) better half. He’s off on an Australian roadtrip and I miss him terribly, but for the first time EVER we will actually be spending christmas together this year.

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