After five years of knowing her, I finally have a sweet photo with M, the cat that taught me to love all other cats :) She actually looks curious and comfortable here, which probably only happens about half the time at most. The rest of the time she just looks like “hello human please vacate the premises so i can have my 58th nap of the day, and some me-time chasing the door stopper…kthx”.

The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic! I’ve got something in the works with POSKOD.SG, a 12,000 word thesis draft to churn out, teacher interviews and some random assignments in between that seem like mere trifles now. My mind is buzzing 24/7 as a result, coupled with little daydreams of somewhere exotic and plans for the future stuffed in between the spaces — this week I’ve caught my thoughts drifting to our dusty lane in Hanoi, the 3am dim sum riots of Hong Kong, and California, as always. Treating myself to little gifts in between to preserve my sanity: this case for my new phone was purchased last night, and these earrings, this glamorous red blush, and some fun bangles just might take their turns soon!

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