The Happy List #3

Blessings (big & small) to be grateful for:

dreams woven from lace and batik

#1 A quiet friday miracle, three hours amidst lace dresses and refreshed tradition. Certain days remind you that dreams can come true, sometimes, if you want them badly enough. Most of my time is devoted to school, but any time I can take off to chat with inspiring people is so precious. It feels like a parallel universe where an uncertain future is exchanged for a brighter present. There are new ways for us to be sensible again.

gussied up green

#2 Fifteen minutes to get rid of two weeks worth of chipped red polish and paint on a shiny new coat of dark moss green

cobalt blue paisley silk scarf

#3 Wearing this square of silk draped around my neck today and it feels like a constant hug, especially in the freezing cold of the psych labs in school. This is my early valentines gift from Sam, and I don’t know what I like more about it: the flecks of lilac and peppermint green, or the fact that he has a matching, smaller square to fit in his jacket pocket!!

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