when i told you i loved you, i knew that you would break my heart

cruising through electric streets

shiny things are pretty things?
kennedy town praya

When suppertime in Singapore rolls around, my thoughts always go back to 3am dim sum nights in Hong Kong — stealing out of the HKU dorms past the sleeping receptionist, dizzying cab rides down the slopes of Hong Kong island, and into the fray of Sun Hing at 10 Hau Wo St to gobble down salted egg yolk custard buns glinting with so much goodness. I can taste it in my mouth just looking at that photo!!

the set

breakfast‘Now is already at night, please reduce the volume’


dumplings in the making

diy tea

tea as dark as nightHardcore tea

fried milk!!Fried milk!!

counting systemThe bill

creatures of the dim sum clubTo me, this place always felt so underground because it is a constant struggle to get the goods, and there is a process and a silent set of rules you have to follow: first, you clamour for a table, get your tea leaves, and then let your fingertips dance around the hot water as you skillfully manoeuvre your teacups and utensils in it to get them clean. Then, you standby at the dim sum station and scramble to get your share when the coveted buns and dumplings finally get carried out in stacks from the back kitchen. Finally, you may feast, and you’ll know that it was worth the wait.

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