The Happy List #4 — a bird has come to live with us!

#1 This appeared on top of our hanging plant about a week and a half ago, first noted on my twenty third birthday:

a bird has come to live with us

A very stylish, method-to-the-madness bird’s nest! None of the humans in my household has seen Mama Bird yet; she’s shy and flies away every time we try to get closer. The most we’ve seen of her is her long, mushroom-brown tail feather that sticks out of the nest while she sleeps.

How do we know she’s a mama bird?



surprise !

From the speckled egg surprise, of course!

#3 The video below is what came out of the previous post. The wonderful POSKOD.SG was featured in a Channel NewsAsia documentary, and I was very fortunate to be included alongside David and Priscilla as we re-staged our cheongsam story. I wish we could have heard more from the editors and the creative team, and seen more behind-the-scenes footage, but this was a crazy, fun first for me and I am grateful. Thanks to my father for procuring a recording.

Even crazier? Seeing my sisters go bananas over seeing my face on the television screen! If you have not hopped over to POSKOD.SG yet, please do! There is a beautiful photo essay on the old Capitol Theatre right now by Philipp Aldrup and David Ee, with captions and words as incredible as the photographs:

“For decades it was filled with stories, with films from Asia and from abroad….It became a big part of how people in Singapore saw the world, what they dreamt of and where these dreams could take them. But how about the dreams of people today? Have people been asked what they dream of, for their city?”

#4 I am done with my thesis, or at least I have decided that I am done. I had thought that I would want to celebrate when it was over, but more than anything I am ready to bid it a hasty goodbye, and take a long holiday from Microsoft Word and crossing off markup changes, one comment at a time.

What I need: silence, sun, and some non-scientific words. Will you come wrap me up with love and a poem?

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