Breaking up is hard to do


champs2“everybody! post-thesis faces!!”

Writing an honours thesis taught me many things, but the most ridiculous one is that I somehow prefer a hectic life as compared to this feeling of floating — spent last evening in front of the television with a dinner of fish soup mee sua, when on any other night I would have been glued to my chair, sitting down by MS word and just bleeding sentences. This morning saw me rushing to school, but not for a meeting. Instead, I caught up with suyee over late plate’s corned beef hash, had the pleasure of taking an hour to hand-write (gasp) points for tomorrow’s presentation script, am having a muffin for lunch, and just found the tiniest chocolate chip smear on the inside of my left ring finger…? What the what!? WHAT IS THIS FEELING I DON’T RECOGNISE?

Though this transition is the strangest yet, I would do it all again. No hindsight bias, promise. The past year of work on this thesis has shown me the limits of my patience, politeness and working memory (now proven: will lose train of thought somewhere around the 14,000 word mark) but it has repaid itself many times over with good, good people and the pleasure of having their lives overlap with mine. We get by with a little help from our friends.

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