“what does liberation feel like?”


1. outram for impromptu tea with wans 2. exam time means chipped polish 3. wonderfully blue sky 4. another day another sunset

i’m fresh from my last official day of undergraduate life, and in the past four days alone, people have asked “what does liberation feel like?” at least ten times, and here is my answer: it does not feel victorious, as younger versions of ourselves would have liked to believe. yes, days are displaced and heavy with anxiety and shades of desperation, but they are also vast, and this time we get to choose what we fill them with. and choice is not ‘i studied business so i can either work in a bank or be a social media marketing guru’… one day i will look at my sisters, young cousins, nieces, children, kiss their foreheads and say — you can be anything you want to be. don’t think about choosing careers or chasing a grand but blind wanderlust. instead, choose happiness, chase meaning, and stop long enough to spot stories in the clouds.

3 thoughts on ““what does liberation feel like?”

    1. ha ha guess what:
      1. i’ve never had an ivle bookmark. in a way that makes me a bad student but i visit it so often, it’s permanently on my drop down url bar
      2. i nearly sent in an email today to ask them to extend my student account + email address since i *could* still use it in the coming months…then i stopped myself because sometimes the chips must fall where they may

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