a case of the shings: hyeh hyeh hyeh

"oh my poor juju!""i is die?"
shingzhyeh hyeh hyeh

some screenshots from my family group whatsapp chat and others with friends — i have shingles! horrors. but laughter is the best medicine, and i love these people for the funny advice and abundant emojis that have been pouring in after i sent out whatsapp warnings. they crept up on my left torso all of last week and today the doctor confirmed that i officially have the power to give chickenpox to anyone who has not had it yet. hugs, anyone? at first i was secretly relieved to be able to postpone the clinical interviews that i had scheduled for the work week, but burning pain is perhaps not an ideal tradeoff for procrastination? sam says “oh my poor juju!!!”…indeed. she is a little bit addicted to painkillers now. keeping fingers crossed that it won’t get worse!

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