the daily bag

diy laptop case

The macbook has been living on the edge lately. After a hole appeared in my previous laptop sleeve, the only one I had on hand was this dark green thick cotton sleeve that I sewed myself as a prototype for a school marketing project. The project idea was to release a customisable range of totes and laptop sleeves for everyday use, which is why a group member had my name printed on this one as an example.

ribbon closure

I love the colour and the signature blue ribbon closure, but this was sewed up at the last minute (as you do for school projects…you know what i mean) and I didn’t have time to insert batting as a protective layer. Since then I had been watching various options online, with this cute robot looking one as a top contender (thanks to my friend Ben who has the macbook air version), but these things cost more than a pretty penny. Yet, as my current work requires me to meet new people and present myself well, I needed something less cutesy.

fabrix satchel 2.0

So when I stumbled across this fabrix satchel on a huge discount in a boutique, I wasn’t about to walk away and regret it. I’ve been using it for a week and it works beautifully — the carrying handle makes it sleeker than holding a laptop in the crook of your arm, and the grey wool felt and tanned leather handles complement most of the navy, black and cream tones that I like to wear.

leather straps

The bag usually retails for USD $99 or SGD $129, but is available at the Cozycot store at Orchard Central for the much-sweeter price of SGD $71 for the month of June!

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