the devil is in the details


Admiring little touches today: smitten with the gentle shine on the leather, solid but delicate cutouts, and the subdued tricolour weave of these classic huarache sandals. New-to-me from the beautifully put-together Dear Golden Vintage.

brown buttery leather
brown buttery leather

These old faithfuls from zara are more than a year old and have held up beautifully to the many poundings I’ve put them through. Still as in love with the buttery leather and seamless straps as ever, which is a detail that is surprisingly hard to find in leather goods.

Let’s be real for a bit: I’ve never been afraid to admit that I enjoy shopping. But it can easily be a mindless, materialistic activity driven by ephemeral trends and social comparisons that are unhealthy for your psyche and your pocket. I know that you know what I’m talking about ;) Lately I’ve made efforts to stretch my dollar and respect the clever details and construction that go into the things I buy, and it feels a lot more fun — like I am a collector of precious finds rather than a player in a game of empty pursuit. Anyone else feeling the same way? Well-made things don’t come cheap, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find that beautiful, classic things don’t need to be exorbitant either.

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