the devil is in the details #2

A parcel came from one of our favourite local businesses, Vanda Fine Clothing, (previously featured here and here)! Even though I ordered this for sam’s birthday present, I couldn’t help but rip into the box and take a peek at the incredible fabric on this pocket square..

detail 1: the print is incredibly detailed and varied, but the leaves, flowers and feathers remain fairly regular in style and size. to me, this ensures that the print doesn’t steal too much attention away from the overall colour palette, and it’s the brilliant vermillion set against the tones of blue that make this square one of the most beautiful i’ve seen.

detail 2: the subtle wave-like pattern adds a textural richness that runs on both sides of the square.

detail 3: the signature tightly rolled edges. the hand-stitching is almost invisible on both sides, and have you ever seen a piece of silk fold over with such softness and structure all at once?

Thank you, Diana and Gerald, for this beauty and for doing what you do! I think Sam’s going to be very pleased with this one, and I might just have to ‘borrow’ it sometime soon..

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