sewing diaries #3

happy place

welcome to my happy place. my mother’s old desk recently got moved into our back room and i jumped at the chance to temporarily set up a little sewing studio space. this way, the machine is always plugged in and i have enough room to work with pattern pieces at the same time. the room also currently holds our laundry equipment, so a regular iron, steam iron and garment racks are all already within reach. it’s perfect.

have taken to stealing a few minutes in here with my mug of coffee each morning, flipping through my sewing books and looking out onto the hill to check for presence of rogue monkeys. my father is in the midst of installing extra shelves and a sofa bed so this setup won’t last forever, but i’m going to make sure it’s well-used in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “sewing diaries #3

  1. I just found your blog and really eyejnod looking through it! I will be checking in often! Boy, you do have a full house! Your children are adorable! I would love to use the pictures of the modern barn if it’s ok with you. It’s fabulous!Hope you will visit me!Rebecca

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