hidden find – trinket box


I’ve been on the hunt for some inexpensive jade jewellery (have somehow ended up on a quest to challenge grandma conventions — who says cheongsams and jade can’t be cool?) and this search has led me to dig around in the most unexpected places. Earlier this week, sam and i rediscovered the depths of peoples’ park centre, but even before that, there was some stolen time at a dim, dusty shop in holland village before tea with friends.

The store was a shrine of oriental kitsch — rosewood carvings, porcelain lamps, buddha statues…you know the type. However, dil and I spied a shelf that carried a series of trinket boxes in all colours and sizes, and i was sold. For just six dollars, my earrings got to move out of their sad ziplock bag homes, and I made a little dent in the jewellery organization task that haunts me daily. Not too shabby.

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