the happy list #7

wild honey pattern
24 foxy
camel stripedotty

1. Celebrating birthdays. Shared a beautiful brunch with my mother on monday, and then collaborated with sam’s cast & creative team for an old-fashioned surprise on friday. Cakes, cards, glitterbombs.
2. Found a few things in stores i truly loved and could not leave without!

rites & regulations SG

supertree stargazing 2
supertree stargazing

3. Finally getting to really relax. Nothing does that for me like a night at the theatre and an impromptu midnight jaunt.

Rites & Regulations by Platform 65 — a double bill of aWake and The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole — was my first intimate, interactive pop-up theatre experience. It was a backpacker inn lobby we were ushered into, but the space was soon morphed into a quintessential singaporean void deck, the location of a taoist funeral, and the meeting place of death and comedy. Left thinking about ghostly baby powder footsteps and (after)lives in boxes, but eventually made it through the air thick with incense, just in time for supertree-stargazing as the gardens grew quiet and the night became cool.

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