formula one fangirl

in my city
people watching at dinner
racecourse tracks
maroon 5 campout

singapore, you looked so fine this weekend. we may have ridiculed every new building that popped up on the bay, from bug-eyed concert halls to a speedboat marooned atop hotel towers, but when the city is alive at night, how can you stop your heart from swelling?

wans and i hit the races on saturday night. plonked ourselves on the padang and picked up some bananarama dance moves while feasting on cod, chips and beer. we found our seats and put in earplugs in time for the roar of the racecars, but i couldn’t stop my eyes drifting up towards the columns of the old supreme court. ghostly but gorgeous. later on i got the hiccups and we watched the crowd around us multiply by hundredfold. maroon 5 came on. adam levine took off his shirt, the drum beats for sunday morning began, and i morphed back into my fifteen year old self and melted into a puddle. one can never be too old for old-fashioned fangirling, singing out loud, and dancing with hands held high.

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