take me there where life is fair


To-do: resume jewellery-making and pay my sewing room a visit to finish my first dress.

To-do before aforementioned to-dos: write abstracts for autism conference submission, shrink thesis to a tenth of its original length to be considered for a research award, find the sheer nerve to pull up 15 thirty-page long focus group transcriptions to be checked for consistency, complete five more anxiety assessments…and most of these need to be done while i’m camping out at the theatre in between doing the makeup for two principal cast members of Never/Land*.

Life lessons i can’t wait to master: How do you make the most of your fair share of twenty-four hours per day? What is it (exactly) you are working for? Anyone else in the same boat? Let’s commiserate and be happier afterwards.

*Never/Land is this year’s SMU law musical production, a spin on the story of Peter Pan that’s full of wit and a surprising number of parallels with Singaporean life as we know it. Sam has written and arranged all the magical songs for it, and one of our theatre idols is attending on saturday! “Excited” is an understatement!

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