how my best friend got engaged

Almost 3 weeks ago, I made my way to Harvard Square convinced that I was going to have dinner with Ali & his suite mates. But instead of Korean fried chicken, I was set upon an unexpected journey to find penguins around the Yard.

As I was on the way out of the Harvard T station, I got a text from Ali – “do you like riddles?” I told him that I guess so, but I was more concerned about where he was because we had agreed to meet outside Pinkberry.

My old fogey friend, Dilys, got engaged a few weeks ago, and has finally shared the story of her engagement here! The quote above made me laugh, but if you like, please click through to read it.

It is the story of an wonderfully thought out engagement and a long-time love, and her fiancé (!), Alastair, filled it with sweet personal details from their shared life together in Harvard/Boston. It should also be noted that Dil loves penguins, both the animal and the classic books. I cried when she recounted the story over FaceTime, and here I am three weeks later still gushing like a fool.

D, you’ve brought pure goodness into my life since we were teeny 7 year olds, and you and Ali have always been a source of inspiration. Also, I forgive you for pangseh-ing YL and I on 10th Feb ’06 to go on your secret ice cream date. Congratulations and kisses for you both xx

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