you know you should be glad

Finally began packing tonight. I’ve been preparing myself for many goodbyes, but a sad farewell to my clothes wasn’t expected. I’m the hanger-hoarder at home, so as I whipped clothes off the racks, a giant pile of hanger remains began forming. Seeing the mess, my youngest sister alexandra said “yay!! more hangers for me!!!” Thankfully, she quickly added — “oh but no offense..i prefer you to the hangers.” Turned into an emotional puddle instantly. Trying not to miss these girls too much will be a huge challenge. What will I do without silly cat jokes and singalong home nights??

the horses are coming so you better run


A ukelele has joined our family! My sisters spent the better part of the night getting acquainted with it, and Alexandra can now play a (slightly mangled) version of I’m Yours. She put on my fedora and pink skirt and we snapped away. My two favourite girls are wonderful to photograph, and they are a cure for any difficult day filled with too many emotions, tried and true.

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