Charmed, I’m Sure

fred astaire & ginger rogers in top hat, lights out words gone by bombay bicycle club

Is it even possible to watch people dancing and not feel a happiness in your heart? A little bit of glamour and romance to carry us into the new week x

Your Song

Elton John is a genius for writing one of the most unique love songs of all time, and I’m a little obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s take on his classic too. This song will always be one of my favourites because there is so much humility, sincerity and even clumsiness in the lyrics, but the melody is smooth, sure, and soaring — a perfect match. Elton sings it with unyielding strength and flair, but Ellie Goulding’s version breathes so much tenderness into it, which completely floors me. There is so much debate in the youtube world of covers about who sings what better, but I think it’s a wonderful thing to pay true homage* to classics, and bring them to the ears of modern listeners with evolving tastes. What do you think?

(*not excusing train wrecks like Bieber’s Love Me, which borrows from The Cardigan’s Lovefool!)




In the car, on the train. Oregon and nameless views.

It’s so many miles and so long since I’ve left you
Don’t even know what I’ll find when I get to you
But suddenly now, I know where I belong
It’s many hundred miles and it won’t be long
Train Song, Vashti Bunyan/Feist & Ben Gibbard

Songs To Get You Going

Happy tuesday! This is my tiny playlist for today while I get cracking on a 8-10 page research proposal for Cognitive Development class. Can’t take advantage of the beautiful weather today because I’m chained to my desk, but these rousing beats and soothing melodies will lift the mood indoors a little! Let me know if you enjoy these and if you have any other beats to recommend!

1. James Vincent McMorrow – Sparrow & the Wolf

2. Adele – Rolling in the Deep

3. The Beatles – I’ll Follow the Sun

4. Girls – Thee Oh So Protective One

yes, yes, we’re magicians

Directed to this, and other music finds from burberry’s art of the trench project. It’s cold and foggy tonight — wish I had something as chic to bundle up in! Since writing an organisational case analysis on Cond√© Nast late last year, I’ve been even more interested in the business of fashion, how these houses are cutting across media outlets and lifestyle groups, and how the consumer responds and then becomes part of the industry too.¬† Creative geniuses never run out of ways to spin pure gold.