Toy Vendor, Chinatown, San Francisco [c1900s] Arnold Genthe [RESTORED]
Toy Vendor in Chinatown, San Francisco

China, Manchu Ladies Of The Palace Being Warned To Stop Smoking [c1910-1925] Frank & Frances Carpenter [RESTORED]
Manchurian ladies (plus a creepy man in the background!)

Chinese Aviatrix Receives Gift Of New Plane From Colonel Roscoe Turner, Washington, D.C. [1939] Harris & Ewing [RESTORED]
Chinese Aviatrix Receives Gift of New Plane

My dad forwarded me an email full of these gorgeous photos of old Chinese culture, taken between the late 1800s and early 1900s, and I fell in love. Some are romantic and some are kitschy, but all of them have oodles of character. Thanks to Google’s new image search function, I found out that they aren’t all taken by the same photographer, but were compiled and restored by the same person on flickr, ralphrepo. He’s done an amazing job of restoring them, and researching the history behind every photograph, so I strongly recommend that you brew a cup of tea, click through each image, and have a good pre-bedtime read :) These three are my favourites.

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