Every day’s a holiday when I’m near to you #2


I wrote this post a year ago, and here I am, blessed with the gift of words once again by another of my dear friends. The only thing better than one white chocolate & mango cake is having two more to share, and two of the kindest, funniest souls to split them with, girls after my own heart. Love you both x

ps. thank you to dil & alastair for bringing my duralex picardie glasses to me. they’ll be perfect for everything from water to whisky!

The Beautiful & Good

elbow pad

1. Suede elbow patches on a sweater. While these are more for looks, I love functional design aspects like this. Martha Stewart has a great, downloadable DIY pattern here.

beauty favourites

2. Essie’s Wicked, which is my ideal vampy nail colour for this time of year, and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua which was a good amount cheaper in the Penang airport duty free, and feels heavenly on the skin.


3. I stand by gold-filled jewelry, which never wears off in the local heat! Last night, I made a morse code bracelet for a friend’s christmas gift, and unfortunately ran out of supplies to make one for myself! Will be getting my hands on more soon, please let me know if you’d like me to make one for you or place a bulk order.

Back from the family vacation! The hard sunlight, dust and traffic made Penang seem heavy and hard, and Langkawi was a bit too manicured for me, but Alor Setar (my dad’s hometown) was comfort, cute kids and good people all the way, topped off with food I remember from childhood. I promised pictures, and they’re coming soon!

I’d rather dance with you

Photo on 2011-12-04 at 23.00 #3
Photo on 2011-12-04 at 22.55 #2

Dad set up the christmas tree and we decorated, and got our december on with the sounds of she & him and foam antler hats. We are finally all done with studying at the same time, and it feels like I have my sisters back. There is dancing/singing/sims-playing/complete family dinners happening. Every time I look at these girls, I see so much joy, honesty and the conviction to live righteously. And then I keel over laughing because someone has pulled a face or cracked a joke, and I want to shower them with kisses all over again.


As of today, I finally own a pair of leopard print ballet flats, thanks to the kind sponsorship of my mother. Lauren actually picked these out for me because she knew I’d love them, which is amazing because I’m not usually the crazy shoe type. It’s important that things pass the sister test. Anyway, help — what to wear this with? Are these shoes condemned to a lifetime of pairing with classic chambray/silk shirts and neutrals? I must confess that I’m a bit scared of crossing into scary-aunty territory..

Mining for gold

bar drape bracelet

gold necklace

Custom-made gold bar drape bracelet and semircircle necklace that I’ve worn nearly every single day since they arrived. I especially love the bracelet and the way the extra chain gently drapes off the wrist. The designs of these are right up my alley — classic and modern all at once, delicate chains and simple gold elements complemented by subtle geometric strength. When the exams are over I’m going to be looking into recreating more pieces on my own for daily wear and can’t wait to get crafty again!

ps. if you’re interested, these pieces were customised from The Altered Chain, and Cheryl is lovely to work with! Also, look for gold-filled jewellery if you want pieces that will stand up to the Singapore humidity. the chains on these are gold-filled and are wear-resistant, which is important since they are in contact with your skin the most, but the gold-plated sections will need re-plating eventually!

I miss checking in here! Two and a half weeks till the end of the exams (but then we get to do it all over again). Post title from this song that’s easy on the ears :)


IMG_6808This package arrived today. I released its contents, whipped out a screwdriver and a while later…



IMG_6811This star projector lamp consists of a tiny lightbulb, covered by a filmy black pentagonal globe with tiny star-like shapes. According to the product information, “the lamp features a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it’s possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night’s sky all around you.” The best thing? It’s battery-operated, so all I need to do is lay out a blanket anywhere, get some strawberries and slow music, and I’ve got a fun romantic nighttime date that’s just a teensy bit silly ;)

These photos are a little crummy because I was too lazy to use a tripod, but I couldn’t wait to share and completely geek out! Actual product photos can be found here (via A Cup of Jo), but I bought it for way cheaper on ebay for a grand total of 4 British Pounds, including shipping.

New Reads & A Secret Location

IMG_6690Frankie for me, Smith Journal for the guy

#1: Picked these up from a corner magazine stall en route to dinner, and I’ve been so excited about them ever since! Polka dots and typewriters! I haven’t allowed myself to do a cursory flip-through yet, because I want to set aside a good hour or two for a cover-to-cover reading, as all good things deserve.

An excerpt from the editor’s letter of Frankie: “We can find ways to be creative. To be a little strange around the edges. To close our eyes and wait for the thought that says, “Yes! I can do it!”…And to have a wee bit of fun while we’re at it, too. Most often, it’s the weirdy bits that are the best.”

Smith Journal is a new “heads-up and hands-on” men’s magazine “full of photography, stories, people, adventures, interesting conversations and gentlemanly style” that I’d read about online and knew would be perfect for Sam. Honestly speaking I dropped the ball on a birthday gift for him this year, and was so happy to see this stocked at the magazine stall so it could be part one of a slew of (guilt-induced) little gifts. I might even be more excited about reading Smith Journal than I am about Frankie, so I’m counting down the days till I get to borrow!


#2: Secret sunset on a rooftop bar just outside of town, the skyline of my city in clear view. Managed to take this photograph just before the lens on the new Ixus 220 began to fog up, and I like that it’s just barely so. The bar is tiny, black and almost industrial, but the light at 6pm washes everything in amber and it reminds me of New York, pulsing with life beyond concrete city blocks.

Obsessed Lately


…with huge, roomy leather bags in all shades and forms. The structured one on the left is from H&M (spy it in this collage?) , and the other slouchy one is from Argyle Centre in Hong Kong. Both were inexpensive and (though I don’t expect them to) I hope they’ll be able to hold up to the usual bag abuse. Long school days, macbook, notes and miscellaneous barang barang – I AM READY FOR YOU!