black & gold

black and gold city

black and gold city

national museum, cheongsams

black and gold city

black and gold city

scenes from my weekend: a city burning black and gold, smoke and stingray under skyscrapers, waiting for a tow truck after our first accident and watching the mini creep away later, hoisted by a forklift. in between: rainy afternoons with my roommate from davis and her boyfriend, the lingering taste of salted egg crab, museum-hopping and being tongue-tied on local history, clips from adele’s royal albert hall dvd.

on saturday i sat with a boy. we picked at a salad and played draw something for twenty minutes, but separately, and twenty minutes after that i was seated across another boy — he made a mess of his peanut rice balls in sweet beancurd, and his mother was helpless, only armed with a tissue and a reprimand. i don’t want to complain but perhaps there might be more than this? if discontent is the mother of ambition, i hope i’m on to something amazing

Something Blue





Two new, blue additions to the contents of my everyday bag: a smoky blue goatskin leather pouch for my earphones, and my phone case from Society6. I purchased the leather pouch along the AS1 walkway in school, from a recent NUS graduate who decided to carry on his grandfather’s business of belt-making and leather work. It was wonderful to meet someone so knowledgeable about his family’s craft, different sorts of dyes, materials, and how the leather will only grow more beautiful with time. The pouch was made from a piece of scrap leather, which explains the asymmetric flap and the supplier’s markings on the interior, and only cost a few dollars. Look out for him at the bazaars!