the devil is in the details #2

A parcel came from one of our favourite local businesses, Vanda Fine Clothing, (previously featured here and here)! Even though I ordered this for sam’s birthday present, I couldn’t help but rip into the box and take a peek at the incredible fabric on this pocket square..

detail 1: the print is incredibly detailed and varied, but the leaves, flowers and feathers remain fairly regular in style and size. to me, this ensures that the print doesn’t steal too much attention away from the overall colour palette, and it’s the brilliant vermillion set against the tones of blue that make this square one of the most beautiful i’ve seen.

detail 2: the subtle wave-like pattern adds a textural richness that runs on both sides of the square.

detail 3: the signature tightly rolled edges. the hand-stitching is almost invisible on both sides, and have you ever seen a piece of silk fold over with such softness and structure all at once?

Thank you, Diana and Gerald, for this beauty and for doing what you do! I think Sam’s going to be very pleased with this one, and I might just have to ‘borrow’ it sometime soon..

the devil is in the details


Admiring little touches today: smitten with the gentle shine on the leather, solid but delicate cutouts, and the subdued tricolour weave of these classic huarache sandals. New-to-me from the beautifully put-together Dear Golden Vintage.

brown buttery leather
brown buttery leather

These old faithfuls from zara are more than a year old and have held up beautifully to the many poundings I’ve put them through. Still as in love with the buttery leather and seamless straps as ever, which is a detail that is surprisingly hard to find in leather goods.

Let’s be real for a bit: I’ve never been afraid to admit that I enjoy shopping. But it can easily be a mindless, materialistic activity driven by ephemeral trends and social comparisons that are unhealthy for your psyche and your pocket. I know that you know what I’m talking about ;) Lately I’ve made efforts to stretch my dollar and respect the clever details and construction that go into the things I buy, and it feels a lot more fun — like I am a collector of precious finds rather than a player in a game of empty pursuit. Anyone else feeling the same way? Well-made things don’t come cheap, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find that beautiful, classic things don’t need to be exorbitant either.

suit up

outside the 24th congress of asian master tailors

Highlight of my week: passion, creativity and men in suits at the 24th Congress of the Federation of Asian Master Tailors. What a privilege to witness skilled hands steadily stitching in perfect lines and sketching complex geometries! Also got to say hello to the incredible duo behind Vanda Fine Clothing, but the icing on the cake was to be working and whispering alongside my man, who really worked it wardrobe-wise on both days, far more than I did! We were there for an article we are working on together, so please stay tuned for more :)