Exploring Tiong Bahru

IMG_6855It’s not mine to claim, but Tiong Bahru is the kind of rustic neighbourhood you want to hide away and keep all for yourself. I spent half a year on a work attachment in the area, my family frequents a couple of eating spots here, and Sam and I love a rooftop bar in one of the boutique hotels. Besides the lush greenery and charming low-rise flats, Tiong Bahru has an eclectic mix of modern stores (cafes, art galleries, curated boutique stores) and old trades (food classics at Tiong Bahru market, bak kut teh, an egg supplier, a bamboo chick distributor, old convenience stores). Here are some photos I took over two visits, though I’m sure I’ve barely scraped the surface..

IMG_6854An egg supplier on Eng Hoon street

why hello there

IMG_6873The neighbourhood felines




The Orange Thimble // Blk 56 Eng Hoon Street. The interior is a mix of industrial and retro elements, the servers are friendly, and the piccolo latte and sandwiches are excellent! They have a partnership with White Canvas Gallery as well, and there are framed photographs and illustrations on display throughout the space.

IMG_0334In love with these chairs and stone-topped table that remind me of my grandmother’s dining area. My friend W is photo shy :)

IMG_0332The thing I adore most about this cafe is their utensil and kitchenware selection — old-fashioned painted bowls are used for ice cream, a variety of intricate plates for the food, and the stylish little Duralex Picardie water glasses that are perfectly designed with a gentle flare at the rim. Warm and welcoming, this lamp says “Open” on the other side and glows through the front window!



A rustic area out in the back. The cafe is full of little nooks and crannies to settle in, and lends itself well to comfortable, private brunches. If you’re growing allergic to the bustle of Orchard road and the city, The Orange Thimble might be the place for you! (Just don’t tell too many friends about it — I would hate to see this place being overrun with hungry cafe dwellers!!)


IMG_6874Yong Siak street, delightful.

IMG_6876Walked out of BooksActually with Coast, a newly-published anthology of works by Singaporean writers. I believe very much in supporting local literature, and these compilations are perfect for picking up to read during a short work break.

IMG_6875See you again soon?

Be twelve, barefoot and fearless


This week has not been worth writing about. Remind me never to pick classes that are practical but passionless. Once in a while I catch myself not believing in my own story¬† — what-i-want-to-do-after-i-graduate is a rehearsed script for a play I don’t want tickets for, but the show must go on? Thesis-writing currently involves composing formal emails without sounding frantic or rude, and logistical nightmares, but I am grateful for the momentum at least. Avoid being static and still and eventually you will be creating something. It always starts from nothing.

Saving graces of the week — two lush afternoons in Tiong Bahru wet with rain, flavoured with cafe lattes and gem biscuits. Friends who hold me together, and holding your hand in the backseat. Teaching a new English class on saturdays. Family dinner sushi boxes and Toa Payoh fried oyster heaven!!

ps. if you’re somehow feeling the same kind of crummy as I am, this song sums it up perfectly, but with a summery beat that makes it seem okay. hang in there everybody.